About Us

Founded by James Bomford in 2009 Right Click IT’s vision is to be a world-class provider of I.T. solutions to the building and construction industry.

We deliver one-stop-shop Managed IT Services for the building and construction industry throughout Australia. We pride ourselves on being client driven, our focus is not the products we sell but on the solutions and management needs of our clients.

When managing an IT infrastructure you need a powerful engine that has automatic monitoring and updating with quick assistance without impact to your business. Properly configured, it provides a complete and powerful security canopy that Right Click IT delivers.

Our team is made up of highly-trained consultants who love what we do. We’re all passionate about providing practical, flexible solutions to accelerate your business operations. Whether it’s a cloud migration, managed service or data solution, we’re here to help you solve technology problems both great and small.

Meet the Team

James Bomford

Founder of Right Click IT

I’ve been in the industry for 18 years and worked in the IT departments for large organisations and managed large projects and teams. My passion has always been technology, I enjoy all it has to offer, from logic to creativity. Recently starting Right Click IT, has given me the opportunity to help businesses get out of the digital darkness and use technology to make everyone’s jobs easier. Away from work I enjoy time exercising where I can, relaxing and spending time with family.

Jonathan Occleshaw

Technician Team Leader

I’ve been in the industry since the beginning of 2016 working as an IT technician, this includes managing small projects and working through technical enquiries. Although I enjoy everything the field has to offer, my passion would have to be building and configuring pc’s and devices from the ground up; basically, anything hands on. Outside of work I love to sketch and create art, as well as play drums and spend time with my girlfriend and family.

Mary Spandana Golamari


I have been in the rapidly evolving IT industry since the beginning of 2017 after a successful completion of Master’s Degree in Information Technology. My hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has helped me a lot at my workplace. I always believe that working in IT gives me the satisfaction to know that my work is around making people’s lives easier, more productive, and more interesting. Apart from working, I love dancing, reading Fiction Novels, watching movies and spending time with my family.

Christopher Bell


Though I’ve only recently joined the industry, growing up with computers and having a programmer for a father has led to a fascination with technology and a yearning for a better understanding of how computers work. I’m passionate about learning new things and absorbing as much information as I can. Away from work I am a gamer and a musician that enjoys spending time with my friends.

Aleyna Dogan

Customer Service Lead and General Assistant

I am relatively new to the industry, currently completing my Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing. I have a passion for innovation and learning with a strong interest in technology and commercial awareness. Outside of work i love watching footy, i support Collingwood football club. I also enjoy trying new places to eat and spending time with family and friends.