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Free Business and Security Audit

This is an audit of your  IT systems and security. We can investigate and identify inefficiencies in the system to see where income can be potentially increased. We conduct a thorough analysis of your IT environment, identifying any gaps and/or issues in your security and altering these on your request.

Move to the Cloud

Moving to cloud based systems has resulted in less downtime and requirement for IT help. This reduces regular cost and significantly increases company productivity. We specialize in moving computer servers to the cloud and are happy to assist you with this change.


Trend Micro delivers market-leading security solutions that address three important and expanding business opportunities: User Protection; Hybrid Cloud Security; Network Defense. Designed specifically for organisations with limited resources, easy-to-use Trend Micro Small Business Security takes care of your IT security so you can focus on growing your business.
Office 365 combines a business grade email system with the software necessary to get work done. Giving you access to software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on your computer as well as in the cloud enables you the edit files from wherever you are and access your email through the same secure channels.
Dropbox Business is a secure, cloud-based file sharing and storage service. It gives you access to your files from your computer, your mobile devices and the web, and makes it easy to share your files securely with others.

Technical Support

Our technical assistance consists of advise on Fixing your computer system problems (Error, messages, Viruses, performance issues), providing advanced technology for hardware and software application, resolving technical problems, Stream lining business processes using technology

What is the Cloud?

Wouldn’t it be great if technology was simple and all of your business tools worked together?

Have you ever said to yourself, “There must be a better way” or “These systems cause more hassles than they’re worth”? Most businesses use systems that cause stress and waste time and resources, but there is a better way.

In this eye-opening book, communications and systems specialist James Bomford will delve into the nuts and bolts of your technology headaches, showing you many options that can streamline your life and business.



Ausfine Foods International

“We’re able to spend time on what we do best rather than trying to resolve performance and connection issues and trying to work on files from our emails when the system was down. We had so many problems prior to Dropbox and I would now say we’re at least forty percent more productive since we moved to Dropbox Business.”

BaseCamp Consulting

“We’ve had an ongoing issue with our calender’s and after patiently, and eventually not so patiently, working with them to solve the issuer, I turned to James for assistance. Not only was he able to fix the issue in under 30 minutes but he also did it without taking our laptops ‘off-line’.
Suffice to say I have now transferred all our IT support to James and Right Click IT and highly recommend them. The transfer was painless and to be honest, I didn’t even notice that all our office products etc had been transferred until after it was done and I got a lovely email.
James and his staff handled everything promptly and with such finesse, that I have absolutely no hesitation in introducing him to my network. To say he impressed me was a definite understatement.”

VG Innovations Management Consulting

“James and the team are always very professional and helpful – when you need calm in the face of an emergency! Highly recommended as the I.T. support provider of choice! Thanks James, Johnathon, Mary and the whole team!”

Major Creative

“I would just like to say thank you to James for going above and beyond assisting me with an urgent IT issue yesterday. I emailed him after 8pm and in a few back and forth emails, he was able to quickly diagnose the most likely cause of our issue and i was able to resolve the issue for my client within less than an hour. This is not the first time James and Right Click IT; not only for their expertise but their next level customer service.”

Chic Money

“I cannot recommend James and the team at Right Click IT highly enough. James has came to my rescue a number of times, (as recent as this morning!) and does not hesitate to go above and beyond always delivering a superior level of client care. Thank you James!”

Finance Path

James and his team have always provided excellent service over the years. Keep up the great work guys!